Dodgy beginnings

A group of old souls, friends and devoted musicians, Blindfold Monks started life in a car park at the Oceanside Moose Lodge after too many beers. 

The band is David Lally from Brogue Wave, four members of The Drowning Men (Nato Bardeen, Todd Eisenkerch, Rory Dolan, and Gabe Messer) and when not touring with Flogging Molly, Matt Hensley. 

The band mates have been friends for over 35 years. Each member honed their disciplines over many hours listening and playing along with the great Ned Giblin at Tom Giblin’s Irish Pub. 

Rooted in the sounds of Irish traditional music, with the heart of a punk band Blindfold Monks will put a smile on your face and a tap to your foot.